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Why does the pharmaceutical industry love animation?
Animation has played a big role in pharmaceutical marketing for many years. Pharmaceutical companies use animation for ads, educational videos, case studies and presentations to effectively communicate the benefits of their products. But why is animation the preferred visual medium of the pharmaceutical industry?


Audiences want short, digestible content
Senior pharmacist hub eyeforpharma pointed out a fact in 2011 that is still true today: medical practitioners and key opinion leaders (KOLs), researchers, and patients are all too busy today to sit down for a lecture on the latest pharmaceutical advancements. Animation lets pharmaceutical companies present their research and latest products in a condensed but equally informative form, giving their target audiences short, digestible content. Statistics agree: in the 2015 Content Preferences Survey by Demand Gen Report, 74% of buyers said they have less time to view content than they did a year ago, and 91% agree or strongly agree that they want visual and interactive content accessible on demand.


Viewers prefer prescriptive content
The 2015 Content Preferences Survey also reveals that 92% of audiences want prescriptive content, and according to Pharmaphorum, this is exactly the type of content animation studios are creating for the pharmaceutical industry. The following types of animation are in demand:

• Method-of-action videos for proper use of medication
• Animated drug videos showing research and drug development
• Scientific visualisations showing drug and chemical interaction
• Biotech animations

Because animations allow creative representations of concepts, it is easier for pharmaceutical companies to present their prescriptive videos in a format that can be easily understood by specialists, patients and consumers alike. It also presents drug interactions and biotechnology in ways that catch the attention of their target audiences.

More interactive pharmaceutical detailing

According to the study “The future of Digital, Interactive Detailing: From ‘Wow’ to ‘What Now?’”, it is harder for pharmaceutical sales representatives today to get the face time they need to build loyalty among doctors and medical institutions. What matters, they say, is the delivery of “information of value – that is, information that is relevant to the physician in the moment.” Today, physicians’ interests spike when digital media is introduced into the picture.

In order to leverage this interest in digital media, pharmacies make use of interactive, 3D animated apps to help them in pharmaceutical detailing. The study enumerates the following features and advantages usually included in 3D animated detailers:

• Static screens that are always current and more visually appealing than their paper equivalents (Refreshed electronic content can be sent out to the field with the push of a button.)
• Motion graphics (i.e. graphs that build automatically or animations of the product at work).
• PDFs like clinical results and dosing instructions in full detail.
• Instant formulary status (which plans cover which medicines, etc.)
• Connectivity to additional subject matter – the rep can check a box and have information sent, or forward links to the physician.
• A new level of participation – reps can ask a few survey questions and check boxes based on the physician’s response.
• CRM functions for reps (e.g. call planning and scheduling, call reporting, sample management and territory analysis).

The future of animation in the pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry’s love for animation does not stop with videos. Pharmaceutical animation is now being used as content for Augmented Reality apps and activations, with pharmaceutical companies now targeting an increasingly mobile audience. Interactive mobile apps are being created to educate consumers and to help doctors and patients alike with consultations and prescriptions.

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