3D Medical Volume Rendering & Animation | Animation1

Client projects

Medical demo reel

Animation1 has significant capabilities in creating visualisations for the medical and pharmaceutical industries as demonstrated in this demo reel where we provided:
  • Medically accurate 3D representations of internal body and cellular structures
  • 3D animated visualisations of bodily processes, chemical reactions and cellular responses

Philippine Heart Center

The Philippine Heart Association Inc. and the Philippine College of Cardiology ran a Healthy Heart campaign which promoted good habits to avoid Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). They teamed up with Animation1 to educate people about CVD and to promote healthier lifestyles among Filipinos. Animation1 created a motion graphics audio-visual presentation (AVP) explaining the causes and dangers of CVD and providing preventive measures for good cardiovascular health.

3D illustration

Our schematic illustrations, aestheticised realistic depictions and photorealistic models help convey information that is otherwise hard to imagine. Medical illustrations are best used to support content in print, presentations, websites and exhibitions.

3D animation

We combine beautiful renderings, good storytelling and scientific accuracy to easily explain and/or demonstrate medical concepts and technology. Imagine flying through arteries or down airways and seeing how organs function or how drugs interact with biological processes. We do this and more through animations that we produce for biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and health companies.

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