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3D animation

3D animation

Realistic, high-definition simulations, walkthroughs, flythroughs and other 3D and stereo 3D animation

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3D still image renders

3D still image renders

Stunning 3D imagery, powered by the latest rendering software, that showcases the beauty, artistry and scale of projects and products in intricate detail

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Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Feature-rich, full functionality, branded mobile apps providing enhanced user experiences with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology

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Discover how our 3D visualisation solutions
promote customer engagement, increase conversions and enhance brand awareness

The Animation1 Difference


visualisation services

Our operational scale lets us offer economic solutions without compromising quality and consistency.


Professional, creative
in-house team

Our full-time, in-house team of artists, architects, animators and designers provide consistent performance.


One-stop shop for all
animation needs

We offer solutions that visualise projects, drive brand engagement and provide immersive experiences.


Cutting-edge technology and
world-class facilities

We are equipped with advanced infrastructure, hardware & software, and use the latest animation technology.


“The products of Animation1 are very valuable to American architects in quickly getting from concept to completed project. We have used their work both in still image rendering and in 3D animation and their work has been outstanding in every case. I continue to recommend them to other architects and real estate developers. My established relationship with Animation1 will continue.”

David S. Froelich
VP, Project Architect

“The Animation1 team seamlessly integrated with our team. Their dedication and commitment was evident. They poured their hearts into the creation of the animation that would represent our company and our development. This was of immense importance to us, they were able to successfully translate our vision into reality. Aside from the top quality of the work they produced, they made the whole creative process an enjoyable one. Animation1 is a blend of fine quality, first rate service and superb performance. Clearly, there is world-class talent in the Animation1 team.”

Jose Hart

“Our Augmented Reality project was an exciting success for Nescafe. It was the first outdoor AR activation in the Philippines, so it was a landmark project. More importantly, it helped us to reach over 1 million Facebook likes in less than two months, a record for any product in any brand! Thanks Animation1 for your terrific contributions!”

Miguel Angelo Reyes
Marketing Director

“Working with Animation1 has given us a competitive edge to our business. We are able to showcase our properties through our application’s stunning interface and intuitive functionalities and thus provide prospects and investors with an interactive mobile experience. Best of all, the Augmented Reality component of the app provides a 360 degree view of both the exteriors and interiors, allowing for a very personalised engagement.”

Ben Hall
Head of Marketing & Delivery

“Partners, clients and even employees were in awe of the presentation that was created by Animation1.”

Miguel Garcia
President and CEO

“Excellent! For the first time, I can breathe easy. I am absolutely impressed. Keep it up, can’t wait for the final version.”

Mirchelle de Guzman
Director, Marketing Communication

“This is fantastic! Thank you again to everyone on the Animation1 team who put in the hard work and long hours to get this project completed!”

Myesha Cross
Marketing Manager

“Thank you very much the finished product is great.”

Michael Fletcher
Director of Sales and Marketing

“Again, my thanks for such a diligent approach to this piece – we’re very happy with the end result.”

Lachlan Hay

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend your entire team on work well done and excellent service backing the deliverables! As the owner of this property, I very much appreciated working with you and would use your service for my future projects. Thank you all and best wishes for the continued success of your business.”

Perry Rawal
Property Owner, Makow Associates

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