3D Video Projection Mapping & Spatial Augmented Reality | Animation1

Client projects

Interior 3D Projection Mapping

Outdoor 3D projection mapping

Turn any building surface into a digital billboard, add depth to your productions and turn your artistic ideas into 3D projections featuring high-quality, high-definition 3D mapped animations.


Advanced 3D mapping technology

Our team uses the latest 3D mapping and projection technology to create visual projections for any kind, shape and size of surface you want to use as your canvas.

Interactive feature integration

Add a layer of interaction with your target audience by combining our projection mapping and augmented reality technologies to create interactive video projections.

Expert visualisation team

With a minimum of seven years of experience in creating high definition visualisations, our animation team will turn your ideas into beautiful, high-quality works of art.

Harness the power of 3D projection mapping today