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What is Augmented Reality?


Augmented Reality in Action


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Augmented Reality (AR) transforms your content into high quality visualisations and animations that interact with your surroundings. Maximise the benefits of Animation1’s services by combining stunning visualisations, cutting-edge animations and mobile application development to create the perfect AR experience.

Experience Augmented Reality in action
Take a sneak peek at one of our apps and enjoy an innovative Augmented Reality experience
  • 1Download the LK Property app for free via the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.
  • 2Click on the Opus Tower poster herein to load a bigger version.
  • 3Run the app and click on the Experience button. Scan the Opus Tower poster with your mobile device. For a better AR experience, right-click on the image, save and print the file and scan directly on the print-out.
  • 4See the property development come alive.


Breakthrough, immersive experiences

Increase your brand value with highly personalised mobile AR applications providing unique and interactive experiences.

Low-cost AR

Launch your interactive AR campaigns through Animation1’s own state-of-the-art AR platform, the A1 Active App, without having to hire expensive developers or installing cumbersome software.

Customised solutions

Enjoy unique AR content that shows innovation while giving your audience a fun experience, positioning your company as a true market leader.

Create your own AR experience