Cinematic Video Editing, Post-Production Effects, VFX & Visualations | Animation1

Client projects

VFX Demo Reel

Animation1 provides a wide range of services for the entertainment and cinema industry. Our demo reel showcases some of the projects we’ve worked on and demonstre the following capabilities:
  • CG animation
  • Composition tracking
  • Chroma keying
  • Color correction
  • VFX
  • Sky replacement
  • Muzzle flashes

3D and stereo 3D animation

Add depth and dimension to your scenes with 3D and stereo 3D animation solutions created for display on high-definition 3D and standard HD screens.

In-house Visual Effects (VFX), film editing, and cinematography

Give your films an edge with realistic, Hollywood-grade effects, footage clean-ups, colour grading, editing and mixing and post-production using the latest editing, post-production and sound editing suites.

Create a truly cinematic experience