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To inspire innovation through Animation. Animation1 provides the visual creativity for our clients to turn their ideas into reality.


The tools we build with, the processes we implement, the staff and employees we work with form our visualisation paradigm. All of us together have created a firm that reinvents the way creative energy is internalised, materialised and shared with our clients in a partnering business model.

We will always be at the forefront of our industry and continuously innovate to strengthen our industry. Our success is propelled by our desire to make a difference, to inspire creativity and to challenge our team to achieve excellence.


Behind the successful visualisation company that is Animation1 is a team of highly-respected executives, industry artists, professionals whose goal is to take the company from being the best in Australasia and Southeast Asia to being the best in the world.


Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Animation1, Scott is responsible for the creation, development and implementation of the company’s vision and business strategy. Scott has significant executive management experience, having led multiple start-up companies and large organisations through aggressive growth phases. He is a highly regarded senior executive for both private and publicly listed companies in the telecommunications industry and has held leadership roles in diverse industries for companies like Bet247, Pendo Industries and Infinite Rewards.

Prior to Animation1, Scott was the COO and Executive Manager of Dodo, Australia’s largest private telecommunications company. He also led the reverse takeover of Eftel Ltd., an ASX listed telecommunications company, in 2011 and served as its CEO and Managing Director. He is also one of the early pioneers of the Internet industry in Australia, founding Connect Direct Internet in 1996.

Scott is also currently the CEO and a founding director of Acquire BPO.


Chief Commercial Officer

As the CCO for Animation1, Kathryn’s role is to build upon new and existing sales channels through an extensive array of global networks. She uses her extensive network and her experience to propel Animation1’s international growth and is regarded as a key contributor to the company’s senior leadership team.

Kathryn has many years of experience in sales and business development, specifically in the telecommunications and outsourcing industries. She held the position of General Manager for Sales for EFTel prior to its acquisition by the M2 Group.

Kathryn is also currently the COO of Acquire BPO.

Len Moreto

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Len is responsible for the planning and implementation of Animation1’s financial processes, from reporting and accounting, planning, budget and treasury, payroll, to asset management and purchasing. Using her extensive knowledge and experience, she has successfully re-engineered the company’s finance function and delivery.

Before joining Animation1, Len was the former Director of Finance at SITEL. She is regarded as one of the pillars of SITEL Philippines, as she was part of the start-up team when it first launched. Today, she spearheads initiatives that securely propel Animation1’s financials.

Len is also currently the CFO of Acquire BPO.

Andy King

Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO, Andy is in charge of technology deployment and innovation within Animation1. This seasoned industry veteran brings his wealth of experience and expertise from decades of leadership experience in the IT and telco industry.

Andy founded one of the largest ISPs in Australia, Edge Internet Services Australia in 1995, before joining the ranks of Cisco, Telstra, CSC, Telarus, NAB, Victorian & Federal Government departments in various technology leadership and strategic consulting roles. He was also at the forefront of the world first deployments of technologies such as GPRS, Unified Messaging and IP Contact Centre Systems. He is currently the CTO for Acquire BPO and was able to successfully evolve its global IT capabilities, infrastructure and software.

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