Animation1 collaborated with LK Property Group on Capitol Grand’s multimedia campaign | Animation1



As one of the largest visualisation studios in Australasia and Southeast Asia, Animation1 leveraged artistry and cutting-edge technology to create immersive experiences for Melbourne’s leading developer, LK Property Group, for the multimedia campaign of their latest six-star residential and luxury retail destination, Capitol Grand. The campaign was launched at the 2015 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix with Capitol Grand’s brand ambassador, Charlize Theron.

The Animation1 team created a 3D build-up of Capitol Grand’s exterior, highlighting the luxurious facets of the building. The team was also responsible for animating the hero shot of Charlize Theron, including the development of a mobile app to help sales agents showcase images, videos and information about the project. Additionally, a mobile interactive map of the spectacular Melbourne landscape was created by the Animation1 experts to help prospects find their way around and easily locate this $500 million property.

Animation1 is proud to have been a part of this multimedia campaign, which successfully set a new benchmark for property marketing in Australia.


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